Careers with Fotobar!

We at Fotobar, thrive to keep our people happy. We're a small little family trying to make a brand and sustain in this competitive business environment.
Our studio is 1500 sq. ft. studio, situated in Faridabad (15 min from Badhkal Metro Station).
The studio space is designed to foster and nourish the creative powers and encourage out-of-the-box thinkers.
We do live on coffee and we love to eat. Hope you're a foodie too!


All set to shoot!

We keep searching for Photographers who can think beyond a 'Bride Twirling shot' or for whom, a miniature portrait of a couple in a nice landscape is NOT the end of Wedding Photography; Cinematographers who know that there is life beyond “Slo-Mos”, who know that weddings are not just about holding hands and walking through pretty corridors.

If you are an extrovert and a peoples person and love weddings... and if you can breathe and sleep weddings and can go that extra mile to make sure the essence of a wedding is captured. You are our type!

Come with an open mind and an open heart... be ready to unlearn a few things and learn a few...

Go through our work and see if it resonates with you and your creative sensibilities... if yes, then do this...

Send in your details with the following to

1. Who you are?
2. What excites you about weddings?
3. What do you think wedding photography and wedding films should be like?
4. Your work links.