Ultimately, life’s just one big reel full of sequences and emotions. This is our way of cohesively picking and combining heartfelt moments, giving them a wholesome rendition.


Sahar - The Awakening. One of the most imperfectly perfect couple. Running away from the cliche and having fun all through. Probably one of the cutest pre wedding videos we've ever shot. Kudos to their zeal and enthusiasm towards each other and for making sure they let us capture their best moments .
Long live Sahar and never let anyone dull their sparkle!!!



The damn fun filled wedding we witnessed. Shaina's amazing makeup by Misha Vig, along with her personalised lehenga with embroidered "Shaina & Rahul" by Koecsh (Kresha Bajaj), stole the show.
Adding to that was the wedding Venue, The Ritz by Ferns & Petals.
Talking about the duo... They had an amazing chemistry!!!
Shaina loves to dance & Rahul is equally crazy. They always had a damn gorgeous smile on her face throughout all her events
She was too specific about her wedding film, we're glad she liked it.

Abhineet & Sradha


Uber cool groom from Delhi meets this fun filled lady from Kolkata and they get hitched in Bikaner. This destination wedding on the land of traditions filled with colors and not to forget, Lots of food & booze, sets it apart.

Vikas and Swati

Vikas & Swati | Pre Wedding

Two souls but with a single thought,Two hearts that beat as one.
Once in a while,
Right in the middle of their ordinary life,
Where they met and fell for each other and settled on for something called FOREVER.
And from there, everything was a Fairytale.

SAHAR: Sahiba and Tushar | Wedding

So here it is to the fun filled monsoon wedding from dazzling pool parties to endless dancing to loud laughter to endless tears , they did it all and we loved capturing their precious moments. Cheers to the IOS love story Sahiba & Tushar # Sahar .

Akansha and Nakul | Wedding

Akaksha and Nakul | Save the Date

Akanksha and Nakul | Pre Wedding

They met and they clicked and all we can say after shooting their story is that Love is just a click.
So if someone just clicked you as well, let's click your moment of love and togetherness.
Presenting here a mad girl: Akanksha Virmani and a sensible man: Nakul Chawla

Nitya and Samish | Pre Wedding

Ankit + Bhavna | Engagement

Fotobar weddings 2015

Nitya+Samish | Wedding Teaser